Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bugman's Dwarf Rangers (and brewery cart)

A long time has passed since I (thought I'd) finished this blog completely, but last week I discovered another box in the loft!

This little collection comprises some of the first miniatures I ever bought - the core of my 1980s/90s dwarven army. I saved up for the Bugman's Dwarf Rangers boxed set (a "Regiment of Renown") and later added the Bugman's Brewery Cart.

This is the Solegends page showing the Regiments of Renown set and here's the one for Bugman's cart.

I must have repainted the pony a few years later as it is clearly a better job than the rest. Still, after about 25 years in various bags and boxes in different lofts, the only actual damage I can see is that one of the axles on the cart has come off in the wheel. Once it's glue in place no-one will ever need to know.

Tidying this lot up will be someone else's job, however, as I'm going to sell them like this. I've run out of power spray and can't face starting with all that again!

Here are some rules for deploying the cart in battle:

Other photos:

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