Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bugman's Dwarf Rangers (and brewery cart)

A long time has passed since I (thought I'd) finished this blog completely, but last week I discovered another box in the loft!

This little collection comprises some of the first miniatures I ever bought - the core of my 1980s/90s dwarven army. I saved up for the Bugman's Dwarf Rangers boxed set (a "Regiment of Renown") and later added the Bugman's Brewery Cart.

This is the Solegends page showing the Regiments of Renown set and here's the one for Bugman's cart.

I must have repainted the pony a few years later as it is clearly a better job than the rest. Still, after about 25 years in various bags and boxes in different lofts, the only actual damage I can see is that one of the axles on the cart has come off in the wheel. Once it's glue in place no-one will ever need to know.

Tidying this lot up will be someone else's job, however, as I'm going to sell them like this. I've run out of power spray and can't face starting with all that again!

Here are some rules for deploying the cart in battle:

Other photos:

Thursday, 25 August 2011

All Gone!

To anyone looking at the site after August 2011, I'm afraid all the miniatures shown have now been sold.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

4 Halflings (including a real mystery)

I forgot some more...

I'd already mentioned the female halfling in my hall of shame (her broom is missing!), but I missed 3 others out.

One of them is even more damaged that the rest, with no feet and a repaired sword. He is a different style and colour of metal from the others, and I suspect he is older, but I don't really know. As ever, any help in identification is gratefully received!

The other two are "watchmen". One of them is Pippin Panhead on the same page in the catalogue as Slackjaw (the female), but I can't identify the other.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

The one that (nearly) got away

I was just about to set up some auctions, when I realised I'd forgotten this chap: a dwarf on stilts. Once again, I will clean him up before sale.

I believe he was a limited edition as shown in this image. I don't actually have the blister pack but found this image on Ebay.

There is a listing on SOL which identifies him as a Dwarf with Inferiority Complex, sold with a snotling (which I certainly don't have, though it does ring a bell).

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Micellaneous dwarves - the end of the journey

These are the last 4 miniatures to be photographed and listed; my trip down memory lane is nearly at an end and - after a short battle with Dettol and Fairy power spray - I'll be ready list them for sale on Ebay.

The chap with the axe is number 10 on here. (Coincidentally, the Troll Slayer listed elsewhere as a Norse dwarf is on the same page).

Number 13 here is the adventurer with his palm up. There are a few others on this page that are listed elsewhere, like the wizards (no's 2 & 26) and the spearman/dwarf (no. 16)

Sword 5 here.

And finally... the Norse dwarf is "Axe 9" here.

If there's one thing I've realised whilst browsing the Citadel Catalogues of the 1980s and early 90s, miniatures were often recycled in different sets or with different names over the years. Whenever I've referenced a figure on Stuff of Legends there were usually other catalogues I could have used. Equally, I'm sure the sculpting and casting process led to miniatures sharing features and just having certain different features.

It's been fascinating - I now know a lot more than I did when I actually collected these as a teenager. Having said all that, I certainly harbour no desire to get the paint out and try again, so in the next few days I'll be preparing the whole lot for sale.

Henry the Hill Troll

This was one of the first miniatures I ever bought, before I decided to collect dwarves and build an army. I imagine I was attracted to the figure on its own merits, but also partly because I'd always enjoyed The Hobbit. At one point "Henry" was glued to a large base with one of my milk teeth glued to it, which just shows how young I must have been! I have begun cleaning him but there's some more work to do.

He is shown in this catalogue, then later in a different catalogue as a "Hill troll".

Several Norse Dwarfs

These must have all been bought as individual blister packs. There's some great weaponry and nice detailing though, which probably attracted me to them. I will give them a clean, but there is very little paint on them.

Looking at Stuff of Legends, this page identifies 3 of the Norse dwarves, including a champion.  The preceding one identifies 2 more Norse, a troll slayer and "Sven? Has????" (unreadable long name).

They are all in very good condition apart from the last pictured figure, whose weapon has snapped off (ouch).