About this Site

I recently had a clear out of the attic and rediscovered some of my Citadel Miniatures from the 1980s. As a teenager I'd get the bus into Leeds every week and hang around in the Games Workshop store most of the day, then buy one or two blister packs and head home to paint them.

I never got very good at the painting side of things, but I did enjoy Warhammer Fantasy Battle so carried on collecting. At one stage I must have had getting on for a hundred of the lead miniatures in a dwarf army plus a dwarf Blood Bowl team and various bits and bobs as well.

Fast forward to about 5 years ago and I was talking to a boy I taught at the time about his involvement in the same hobby. In a fit of generosity, I gave him most of my collection, including the Blood Bowl team, the game itself, the original WHFB rulebook and quite a lot of other miniatures, including - I think - the full set of Bugman's Dwarf Rangers. I must have been mad.

Well, yesterday I found the remnants of my collection that I didn't give away. It's not something I'm interested in any more, but I know there will be people out there who will want to give a home to my collection.

There are quite a few pieces I can't seem to find online, so hopefully they will fill in the gaps for others. It's mainly dwarves, including cult favourites like the "incontinent" dwarf on toilet and full sets of the Gob Lobber, (original) Bolt Thrower, a cannon I can't find elsewhere, gyrocopters (mk1) and a complete Regiment of Renown - Prince Ulther's Dragon Company. There are some non-dwarves: a washerwoman (can't find any details of that one), some early LOTR figures, halflings, a treeman from Blood Bowl... They're all original metal miniatures and in most cases there are no plastic bases or shields to go with them. I certainly don't have any boxes or blister packs - I couldn't wait to rip those open!

Given my poor painting skills I'm going to clean them up (some never even got painted). A search online suggests some Dettol and a soft toothbrush, and that has worked well for a test I did on one figure.

I'll be posting them for sale on Ebay but thought it would be good to give people access to some better photos and details through a separate site. This will also be a nice record for me. If anyone wants to ask anything I'm happy to take questions via email.